Training & Services Index

Training & Partnership Opportunities

This page gives descriptions of the long-term training and partnership opportunities available to Khmer-speaking peacebuilders.

Current Services

This page describes each of our peacebuilding units and their goals.

Mapping Our Mobilization

This page includes maps of Phnom Penh and all of Cambodia, giving a visual overview of where some of our community peacebuilding activities are occurring.

Team Consultation Services

The overall goal of our team building consultation work is to support individual members of teams to develop healthy communication strategies within their team. Our approach varies according to the culture of team and the circumstance it is in. Click on the link above to learn more information about how Peace Bridges may be able to work with your team and organization.

Our History & Mandate

Peace Bridges is a non government organisation working under the auspices of the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia as a Strategic Partner, with a mandate to promote unity, cooperation, and fairness by providing mediation and peacebuilding activities within Christian and other organizations in Cambodia.